What makes the Synit range of tackle and products different than any others currently out there? 

Well for starters our products have all been proudly designed by our own R&D Department here in NZ to suit Kiwi's and Kiwi conditions. We have spent hours testing and proving our designs always using a control method to gain accurate data before we are happy to release anything to the fisherman. We don't sell it if it isn't going to catch fish, plus the Synit Team uses what we sell.

Synit Fishing has tried where possible to have all our tackle and products made here in New Zealand, so we know our materials and quality are #1


Softbait Rods


Our Synit Custom Soft Bait rod range are built on our Synit GT-R range of blanks. The rang includes a 6' 1pc, 6'6" 1pc , 7' 1pc in both spin and overhead in a range of weight classes from 4-6kg 6-8kg and 6-10kg plus a few special classes of blanks to suit all other types of fishing.


Mechanical Jigging Venom & Deepshot


The Venom and Deepshot mechanical jigging rods are the next generation in blank and rod design to lift jigging to a whole new level in performance.


Our new range of Popping rods are finally here!!  The "Synit Surface Zone"